Ananya Panday on Ganesh Chaturthi: Brought Bappa home when I shot for debut film | EXCLUSIVE

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Sep 19, 2023 12:27 AM IST

Actor Ananya Panday gets talking to HT City astir her emotion for Bappa, bringing him location and being alert astir the biology cause, too.

It’s a precise engaged time astatine the Panday household, with each the prep underway for Bappa’s arrival, erstwhile we wage a sojourn for this exclusive sprout with Ananya Panday.

 Satish Bate/ HT) Actor Ananya Panday poses exclusively for HT City connected Ganesh Chaturthi. (Photo: Satish Bate/ HT)

Her mother, Bhavana Panday, begetter Chunky, nani Chitra Khosla- everyone is talking excitedly, and are much than blessed giving their inputs for the shoot. And successful comes Ananya, wearing a purple and aureate saree. Everyone chants “Ganpati Bappa Morya”, and we settee down for a chat arsenic soon arsenic the pictures are done, helping ourselves to a dispersed of sandwiches, patties and coffee.

“Ganeshotsav has ever been my favourite festival,” exclaims the 24-year-old, “When I was young, we would observe this astatine school, and I would spell to my friends’ house. I ever felt a transportation with Bappa, helium utilized to beryllium my mobile wallpaper astatine 1 point. I ever felt precise calm looking into his eyes. I would inquire my mum arsenic a kid ‘when would beryllium bring him home’ each year, to which she would reply ‘when you are liable capable to bash each the rituals yourself’.”

And that yet happened successful the twelvemonth 2018, erstwhile the histrion started shooting for her debut movie Student Of The Year 2. “She said ‘You are acceptable now’ Now I deliberation it’s going to beryllium a generational ritual of bringing him home. It’s our 5th twelvemonth this time,” adds Ananya, who besides takes attraction of the decor and preparations.

They person made definite that the idol they invited location is eco-friendly, and they support him for 1 and a fractional days, fixed the schedules they each have. “But successful that period, determination is ever idiosyncratic around, they slumber successful the aforesaid room, Bappa’s meals travel connected time. We provender him earlier we eat,” she shares.

The conscious prime to support their idol eco-friendly besides makes Panday consciousness relaxed. “In information present adjacent firecrackers person been banned (in Delhi) We request to adhere to these rules the satellite is our home. Our visarjan happens successful a peculiar drum successful our house, and it’s done from the hallway till the balcony. We play each the visarjan songs and dance. Then aft the visarjan, we enactment the h2o successful our plants, truthful there's a portion of Bappa with america the full year,” she beams.

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