Compensation paid in just 6% of hit-and-run cases since 2017-18

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NEW DELHI: The authorities has paid


successful hardly 5,036


cases — 3,209 for deaths and 1,827 for persons near grievously injured — since 2017-18, according to authoritative


. This is lone 6% of the fig of persons killed and near injured each twelvemonth successful deed and tally cases connected Indian roads.
On an average, 80,000 radical either suffer their lives oregon are near earnestly injured successful deed and tally cases annually.
In a written reply to a question from BJD’s Anubhav Mohanty successful Lok Sabha this week, the roadworthy transport and highways ministry has said that astir Rs 12 crore assertion has been paid for the 5,036 cases betwixt April 2017 and February this year. Government sources admitted that the inclination of


paid successful hit-and-run cases implicit the years is simply a “matter of concern” and this needs contiguous attention.

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Hit-and-run cases are those successful which constabulary are incapable to place the offending conveyance oregon its proprietor and hence successful these cases, the compensation is paid from the government’s solatium fund. Earlier, the compensation paid from this money was Rs 25,000 successful the lawsuit of each decease and Rs 12,500 for grievous injuries.
In the amended Motor Vehicle Act, this compensation has been accrued eight-fold — Rs 2 lakh successful lawsuit of decease and Rs 50,000 successful lawsuit of grievous injuries — and the caller regularisation has go applicable from April 2022. The information provided by the ministry amusement betwixt April 2022 and February 2023, claims person been paid successful 72 decease cases and lone six successful cases of injuries. The authorities has paid Rs 1.47 crore arsenic compensation during the existent fiscal year.
As per the “Compensation to Victims of Hit and Run Motor Accidents Scheme” notified successful 2022, specified victims and their household members indispensable get the compensation successful little than 3 months and the magnitude should beryllium transferred online. To conscionable the compensation requirement, the authorities has created a Motor Vehicles Accident Fund.
Sources said the authorities is present readying to hole the issues that mightiness beryllium resulting successful fewer victims and their kin applying for the compensation.

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