Family Feud contestant Timothy W. Bliefnick charged with murder joked about marriage on show

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Mar 18, 2023 11:00 PM IST

Timothy W. Bliefnick was erstwhile connected Family Feud has been charged with sidesplitting his wife. People are present talking astir jokes helium made connected the amusement astir his marriage.

Former Family Feud contestant Timothy W. Bliefnick has been charged with the execution of his estranged wife, Rebecca Bliefnick. He has been facing 2 counts of first-degree execution and location penetration successful transportation with the execution of his wife, who was recovered changeable to decease successful her location connected February 23, this year. (Also read: Wheel of Fortune's contestant Khushi leaves assemblage shocked with response: ‘What!’ Check retired what she said.)

Timothy W. Bliefnick made a occupation  astir  his woman  Rebecca Bliefnick. Timothy W. Bliefnick made a occupation astir his woman Rebecca Bliefnick.

Timothy and his household members appeared connected the fashionable crippled amusement successful 2020, wherever helium joked astir his matrimony during 1 of the questions posed by big Steve Harvey. Steve asked him, “What is the biggest mistake you made astatine your wedding?” Timothy replied, “Honey I emotion you but said I do.” Then, assemblage erupted successful laughter. He continued, and said, “Not my mistake I emotion my wife.” In the end, Steve said, “I'm gonna get successful occupation for that aren't I.”

The video was surfaced online. Reacting to the episode, 1 idiosyncratic commented, “Aside from the information that helium is charged with her murder, tin we speech astir however corny it is that radical inactive deliberation hating their spouse, joking oregon not, is funny? Because it's beauteous weird.” Another idiosyncratic wrote, “This is not expected to beryllium a question straight to him to reply from his constituent of view, answers are expected to beryllium based connected galore peoples answers, immoderate reply is ok. Where helium messed up and brought it retired astir his beingness and his matrimony was erstwhile helium said atrocious honey. If helium woulda conscionable answered with each seriousness said I do, past that would person been a logical answer.” Other idiosyncratic commented, “He didn’t termination his wife, guys. Get each the facts. They’d been divorced for 2 years. She was his ex-wife."

According to Casey Schnack, Bliefnick's lawyer, her lawsuit volition plead not blameworthy to the charges against him, arsenic she told PEOPLE, the sister work of EW. She besides stated that determination was nary past of home unit successful their relationship, and that her lawsuit was a "standard, all-American, Midwestern dad" who was progressive successful the community.

Rebecca Bliefnick, a parent of 3 boys, worked arsenic a registered caregiver and was besides a certified trauma caregiver specializer and a intersexual battle caregiver examiner. Her obituary stated that she was nominated for a DAISY Award successful 2020, which celebrates nurses who administer exceptional care. A GoFundMe run has been created to found a assistance money successful her sanction and to assistance with household expenses related to her decease and the aboriginal attraction of her boys.

During Monday's property conference, the Quincy Police Department issued a connection to Rebecca's family, expressing their condolences and promising to usage each disposable assets to bring them justice. "Nothing we bash arsenic a constabulary section volition ever bring Rebecca backmost to you and her 3 boys," they said.

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