'It's a juicy word', William Shatner spilled the beans about his favourite word

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Mar 18, 2023 10:00 PM IST

William Shatner stated his fondness for utilizing the four-letter connection successful conversations. He shared wherefore it's a juicy connection and however helium enjoys utilizing it.

William Shatner, the well-known histrion and erstwhile Star Trek captain, precocious expressed his emotion for the F' connection during a caller interview. He explained wherefore helium enjoys utilizing it successful conversation, calling it a "juicy" word. William further revealed that helium ends up utilizing the connection each clip and it has go his favourite word. He shared that helium utilized that peculiar connection to spice up the speech with people. (Also read: 'I don't person agelong to live, my clip is precise limited', Star Trek's William Shatner talks astir his mortality)

William Shatner spills beans connected  his favourite word. William Shatner spills beans connected his favourite word.

At SXSW, William discussed his emotion for the F connection during a speech with movie shaper Tim League. He explained wherefore helium enjoys utilizing the four-letter connection successful conversations, calling it a "juicy" word. During a treatment connected disruptive physics gadgets and however to woody with them, William utilized the "F" word, stating ‘Shut the f**** up.’ He acknowledged that immoderate radical whitethorn find the connection ugly, but helium finds it to beryllium a juicy word.

After utilizing the F word, William turned to the motion connection interpreter and repeated the phrase, 'Shut the f--- up,' earlier asking them to thatch the assemblage the motion connection for the word. This caused the assemblage to burst into laughter.

In a caller interrogation with Variety, helium besides discussed the bequest helium hopes to permission behind. With the knowing that his clip is limited, helium plans to make a documentary titled You Can Call Me Bill. Through this project, helium intends to stock his beingness experiences, supply invaluable insights, and found a transportation with aboriginal generations.

He hopes to usage his storytelling skills to animate and entertain his audience, leaving down a meaningful bequest that volition proceed to interaction radical agelong aft he's gone. By sharing his unsocial position connected beingness and the world, helium hopes to make a span betwixt generations and supply a root of inspiration for those who travel aft him.

He said, “I've turned down a batch of offers to bash documentaries before. But I don't person agelong to live. Whether I keel implicit arsenic I'm speaking to you oregon 10 years from now, my clip is limited, truthful that's precise overmuch a factor.”

He is alert of his constricted time, helium remains optimistic and motivated to marque a affirmative interaction successful the world, and said, "I've got grandchildren. This documentary is simply a mode of reaching retired aft I die."

William roseate to planetary fame for his depiction of Captain James T. Kirk successful the archetypal Star Trek TV series, which aired betwixt 1966 and 1969. Apart from his iconic show successful Star Trek, helium has featured successful respective tv programs and movies specified arsenic Boston Legal, T.J. Hooker, and The Practice.

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