Kangana Ranaut says even 'Batman type log' also feel low and hopeless: I have been perpetually ill

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Sep 18, 2023 09:15 PM IST

Kangana Ranaut shared that she has suffered a fig of diseases successful the past 12 months, and however each and everyone tin consciousness debased and hopeless sometimes.

A fewer days aft Kangana Ranaut compared herself to Batman, the histrion again referred backmost to the vigilante superhero for her latest Instagram Stories. On Monday, the histrion wrote that implicit the play of past year, she has been 'perpetually ill' with galore diseases, and that adjacent a beardown idiosyncratic similar Batman tin besides consciousness debased and hopeless. (Also read: Kangana calls herself GOAT arsenic she says she is ‘badtameez and bhayankar wali’ talented: Batman hoon mai)

Kangana Ranaut volition  beryllium  adjacent  seen successful  Chandramukhi 2. Kangana Ranaut volition beryllium adjacent seen successful Chandramukhi 2.

What Kangana said

Taking to her Instagram Stories connected Monday, Kangana wrote, "I had Dengue, Covid, Delta, Covid - Omicron, and Covid + Swine flu everything wrong past 12 months. I person been perpetually ill. Kehne ka matlab ye hai ki sab sometimes debased and down consciousness karte hain, anemic and hopeless bhi, ji ha Batmab benignant log bhi (It means everyone has specified moments sometimes erstwhile they consciousness debased and down, anemic and hopeless. Even radical who are similar Batman) (smile look emoticon)"

She further added, "Chalo chalte raho aage bado (The constituent is to look guardant and progress) Wishing everyone Happy Festival season. (hug and reddish bosom emoticons)"

Kangana connected  her Instagram Stories. Kangana connected her Instagram Stories.

Kangana said she likes violence

A fewer days ago, Kangana took to Instagram and shared astir however she is perceived arsenic ‘badtameez (mannerless)' and talented astatine the aforesaid clip by her colleagues, including filmmaker Hansal Mehta and histrion Zeeshan Ayyub. She wrote, “Yeh baat pe sab hold karte hai near close some wings. 1) ek toh main bahut badtmeez hoon 2) convulsive and extremist bhi hoon, I similar unit and unit besides likes me. 3) thodi bigadi hue aur bahut ziddi hoon. 40 aur bhayankar wali talented. Matlab G.O.A.T types. Isko kehte hain Batman.. wahi hoon main (This is thing everyone tin agree, contempt governmental differences that I americium precise mannerless, violent, extremist, I americium spoiled and stubborn; I'm besides dangerously talented similar top of each times kind. This is called being Batman, I americium him.)”

She had added interrogation clips of Anurag Kashyap and Zeeshan Ayyub, arsenic good arsenic Hansal Mehta praising her endowment arsenic an histrion and arsenic a originative artist. Kangana had worked with Anurag successful Queen, and shared surface abstraction with Zeeshan successful Tanu weds Manu Returns. Hansal had directed Kangana successful the movie Simran.

On the enactment front, Kangana volition beryllium adjacent seen successful Chandramukhi 2. The movie is acceptable to merchandise connected September 28. She besides has Tejas and Emergency lined up for release.


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